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Use the charrette to gather your family around the dining room table to spend some planning for an
evacuation. Don’t be afraid to revisit this from time-to-time as things like contact information can change.

What personal belongings would you be devastated to lose? (family album, jewelry, personal and book-keeping
documents, etc). Do you feel comfortable leaving these things behind in a household safe? Will you have copies of these
documents with you? What documents will you need to have on hand to present to authorities?

Do you have at least one piece of luggage, sometimes called a bug-out bag, dedicated to things like medications, first aid,
cosmetics, clothing, fresh batteries, spare eyeglasses, flashlights, cash, hand-crank radio, cell phones, solar chargers, etc? What do you have and what do you need to get?
Food and water, utensils, can opener, paper towels, toilet paper, first aid kit, tool kit...

Are all medical needs taken care of? What needs to be updated and identified. Are prescriptions up to date?
What about disabled people in your household? What are their daily needs and how can they be accommodated
during a crisis?

What about pets, or other animals on your property? Have you arranged for boarding in advance?
Can you name some alternatives?

Can you designate a meeting location for everyone? Name at least three alternatives. Some of these alternatives could be
undergoing the same crisis.

Can you think of overnight accommodations for at least a week? Name at least three alternatives. (hotels, friends, relatives, camp grounds, etc).

What is kept permanently in your vehicle? (fire extinguisher, battery charger, tire inflation, solar chargers)

Have you taken pictures of everything inside and outside of your dwelling (for insurance claims)? Anything else that should be photographed (ex: art collections)?

Is your insurance coverage up to date? Has anyone ever read beyond the Declarations Page for escape clauses?

Are your taxes up to date? What needs to be addressed? What have you done to protect your assets from seisure
(from banks, government, other debt obligations, or fraud)?

Are your vehicles in good repair and fueled? Do you have full jerry cans? How will you charge your electric car?

Does anyone in your household have a ham radio license and is a member of
RACES (Radio Amateur Emergency Services)?

Are you able to put neighbors in contact with loved ones outside the area?

How will you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for this evacuation?

Have you taken a survival class in your area?

What will you use for currency besides cash?

Think about the day after and the next few weeks. How will you recover?

What sort of support systems do you have in place?

Update your contact information.
Update emergency numbers.

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