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“Time is the medium of existence that Western culture has captured in its own delusions and has turned into clocks and ways of ordering things...”
The Reverend Carol Luther during a conversation with the Floating Island Sangha community on the meaning of time, March 7, 2022

The Charrette Cycle is represented by
one hour

Each hour is divided into
6 segments of 10 minutes

Each 10-minute segment is further divided into
two 5-minute segments
5 minutes to answer a question and 5 minutes to take a break

Answers should be limited to 10 words or less.
Provide as many answers as come to mind.

These segments repeat until 5 questions are answered and 45 minutes have passed.

At that point participants are given a longer break to fill the rest of the hour.

Facilitators may want to subtract a segment or two and lengthen the last break for a couple of
cycles during the middle of the day.

The next cycle begins at the top of the next hour.

The cycle repeats until a conclusion is reached.

Should an interruption occur, the process pauses and continues at the start of the next 10-minute segment.

Strict adherence to the clock is essential in maintaining focus throughout the process.

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