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The charrette brainstorming process provides the architecture for a very concentrated effort by groups of people looking for intelligent and workable solutions to issues of concern in our public and private lives, and generally any area where we feel the need to produce immediate answers and workable solutions.

This is adaptable to any language, any culture, any location in the world, and any time of day.

It also provides a self-correcting mechanism for on-going maintenance of an established policy.

Variations of this process are used by law firms, architects and city planners, and it allows stakeholders to feel part of

the decision-making process which is important to getting “buy-in” for public projects.

Using the Socratic Method, through a series of questions, we can define an issue, examine all of its manifestations and arrive at a workable resolution. We will come together with people who represent different world views, perspectives, levels of education, work experience and practical experience to find community, and from here we will be able to extract the best goals and solutions. All answers are correct.

Answers can be written on index cards and submitted anonymously to the facilitators at the end of each question. I recommend the facilitators read as many answers as possible during the breaks to see if any themes or words need to be clarified before proceeding. The process should be transparent in order to encourage a public dialog. The media should be universally available.

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