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The Stakeholders

Stakeholders are all the people within the community who will be expected to implement, pay for, live with and maintain the outcome of the charrette. From this pool of stakeholders are drawn the volunteers who will participate in the charrette process. These volunteer participants will play the role of either facilitator or respondent. They can trade roles in subsequent events.

There is no collecting of money or personal information.
There is no individual profiling and no mailing lists or other data gathered.

The charrette will take place at a time when the participants can spend at least a full day uninterrupted from their
regular activities and away from outside interference.


Facilitators are members of the community. They are not necessarily professional facilitators. They are responsible for the
general logistics of facility rental, refreshments, announcements, preparing the questions, conducting the charrette, collecting and tallying of answers and delivering them to the local media for public examination.


Respondents are the people answering the questions. They will be seated in groups of six. They will be asked to submit 1 to 10-word answers to questions at 10 minute intervals. Five minutes to answer a question followed by a five-minute break.
The questions may be submitted on index cards.

All answers are anonymously submitted.
All answers are correct.

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